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Step 3: Create a Conversion Goal

Next, we'll create a conversion goal for your campaign. A conversion goal is an action you're looking to track on your site. It's what you want the visitor to do: Buy something, sign up for your service, create an account, something like that.

Tracking conversions in your campaign is the best way to gauge your ROI with SharpSpring Ads, so we strongly recommend setting up conversion tracking from the start. 

  • From your dashboard, Click Manage-> Create AD Conversion.

  • Give the conversion goal a name. We'll use "Sign Up" for this example.

  • Select a Method for the conversion. On my site, everyone who signs up for a free trial is sent to a page with a URL of "/thankyou.html" after signing up. So, I use the "Path" method, and enter /thankyou.html as the path.

  • Set a revenue value. How much is this conversion worth to you? We'll use this value to calculate various campaign statistics, so it's important to enter a value that makes sense here. (Leave this box blank if you don't wish to track revenue. You can also pass through a dynamic revenue value with your conversion (LINK).

  • Set the conversion counting options. Do you want to count this conversion every time it occurs, once per unique visitor, or once per unique Order ID (if you're sending us that information.) We recommend "Count once per user" if you aren't sure what to use here.

  • Click "Create Conversion Goal" to save.

That's it! Your conversion goal has been created and you're ready to move on to the next step.

If you have any questions, email ads@sharpspring.com.