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Step 4: Create Ads

We'll now need to create an ad to use in your first campaign. SharpSpring Ads supports a variety of ad types and sizes but for this guide, we'll be creating a Facebook ad and campaign.

Note: Before you can create a Facebook ad or campaign, you need to connect your Facebook Page to your SharpSpring Ads account.

  • From your dashboard, Click Manage-> Create Ad.

  • Select your ad type. Today, we'll be creating a Facebook ad.

  • Complete your ad setup. A Facebook ad is shown here as an example. For information about the fields used on this page, view our documentation.

  • Click Upload and submit for review.

The ad has been submitted to Facebook for an audit. Facebook audits ads usually within an hour. Web/banner ads can take 24-48 hours to go through the audit process. You can repeat this process for any additional ads you wish to upload.

We're on to the last step: Creating a campaign!

If you have any questions, email ads@sharpspring.com.